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Svätý Jur vineyards

Stories of the past combine with the present narratives in the Pálffy family manor to create a new path shaped by VIAJUR. However, this new path respects and preserves all the traditions of viticulture and wine making.

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Farná vineyards

Sunlit valleys, endless green lines of vine that stretch under the limitless blue sky. The sun, charming country and heavy bunches of grapes are a true solace for the soul for the grower or anyone else for that matter.

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VIAJUR sets out on a new path while respecting all the traditions of viticulture and winemaking. Quality of wine always begins in the vineyard. Wine grower’s honest and hard work, the terroir and the sunlight – all of this and more combine to bring the juicy and sweet grapes. Every single one of our estates is exceptional and characteristic with its soil composition or minerality. Terroir of each and every location is thus reflected in our wine. The estate in Svätý Jur is exceptional and known for the exquisite Riesling as well as Müller Thurgau, which is historically the oldest and simultaneously most widely grown variety in this area. Similarly, the Farná estate stands out with its white grape varieties, but also beautiful blue varieties such as Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon.



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