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Pro rege et patria

Pro rege et patria

Pro rege et patria

For the king and the country – this is the proud motto of the Pálffy family. The king’s table could not be complete without wine, the most noble of all beverages. However, on festive days, wine also found its way on the table of the common folk. The terroir of our estates, the gentle touch of the sun stroking the grapes, hard work of the wine grower and his/her love of the vine, the skill and the craft – all of this combines to create a unique harmonious taste of our wines. The collection of wines titled Pro rege et patria can be characterised as a set of king-worthy beverages for every lover of quality wine. Here’s to good wine!

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Ars in vino, vinum in arte

Wine as a work of art materialised in the bottle and a reproduction of a painting by an exceptional painter on the etiquette combine to bring a unique match between the two artists – the winemaker and the painter. We therefore bring you a one-of-a-kind wine collection: Ars in vinum, vino in arte (Latin for Art in wine, wine in art). The wine from this collection is made from selected grapes of the highest quality. Personal approach and careful treatment by the winegrower and winemaker are guaranteed to convey a genuine artistic experience.

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The winegrowing and winemaking year was full of surprises and extreme developments yet again. After a rather short winter, tha advance of ‘summer’ was quite abrupt as high temperature surprised us already in March and April, which resulted in rapid growth of lush vegetation. This situation caused minor issues during green work, which was then rather impulsive. Even after thinning by spring cutting, the vine yield remained very high. In some areas it exceeded the previous year by as much as 50%. Vegetation was shifted in time by as many as 3 weeks. The end of spring as well as the summer were characterised by high temperatures and dry weather. The vines reacted specifically by smaller yield of green mass and later by faster ripening of the seeds. At the end of August, the temperatures fell down in combination with rich precipitation, which stopped the ripening and over-ripening process and caused slowing down of the harvest. The grape content got diluted and growers had to wait again to achieve higher concentration of the desired refined substances. But the vine didn’t need to put more sugar into the grapes, as the seeds were physiologically ripe and able to sprout and the plants stopped their phase of ripening. So just like the viticulture season started early with an advance of several weeks, at the end of August, the development turned around in the opposite direction until the season timing was quite even. In some specific varieties, the harvest was even shifted a bit later compared the previous year.



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Pro rege et patria – Latin phrase meaning For the King and Country, the motto that accompanied the Pálffy family. Today, this motto is featured in the logo of ViaJur together with the lime-tree growing at the courtyards of the Pálffy family manor in Svätý Jur. Wine growing and winemaking in Small Carpathians represents an integral part of the history of the Pálffy family. ViaJur winery follows in this story.



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