Wine is actually one of the most civilised
and most natural concepts in the whole world which was brought to absolute perfection. It arguably offers better opportunity for enjoyment and recognition than any other sensual object in the world.

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Svätý Jur

Stories of the past combine with the present narratives in the Pálffy family manor to create a new path shaped by VIAJUR. However, this new path respects and preserves all the traditions of viticulture and wine making.

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Farná vineyards

Sunlit valleys, endless green lines of vine that stretch under the limitless blue sky. The sun, charming country and heavy bunches of grapes are a true solace for the soul for the grower or anyone else for that matter.

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Our estates

VIAJUR sets out on a new path while respecting all the traditions of viticulture and winemaking.
Quality of wine always begins in the vineyard. Wine grower’s proper and hard work, the terroir and the sunlight – all of this and more is combined in the juicy and sweet grapes. Every single one of our estates is exceptional and characteristic with its soil composition or minerality. Terroir of each and every location is thus reflected in our wine. Just like the estate in Svätý Jur is exceptional and known for exquisite Riesling as well as Müller Thurgau, which is historically the oldest and simultaneously most widely grown variety in this area, equally, also the Farná estate stands out with its white grape varieties such as Welschriesling, Burgundian varieties, the aromatic Gewürztraminer, but also beautiful blue varieties such as Blaufränkisch, Dunaj or cabernet-type varieties.

VIAJUR winery

History continues today where wine has been made for centuries. The vaults of the historical cellars of the Pálffy family manor shelter the VIAJUR winery and enable us to benefit from our hard labour in the vineyards and turn the juicy grapes of the vine we grow into the most noble of beverages – delicious wine. We follow up on the traditions and apply modern technology, while still respecting the heritage procedures in wine making and maturing. We treat the grapes – the product of winegrowers’ hard labour – with the respect it rightly deserves. Using gentle processing methods, we attempt to transfer all the sunlight, terroir as well as the most natural flavours from the grapes directly to the wine. Pro rege et patria, this motto of the Pálffy family from the past era represents for us a commitment for the future – a commitment to always bring you the best wine worthy of any aristocratic table.

Our wines

Tastes and flavours of VIAJUR wines benefit from the hard work in the vineyard and reflect the terroir of our estates and winemakers’ traditional craft and skill. Our philosophy is based on quality raw material, gentle processing and traditional winemaking craft. This enables us to fill your glasses not only with beautiful fresh wines but also beverages that are full, rounded and harmonious. Our team hand-picked the best and top-quality raw material to bring you a limited collection of wines combined with art. Wine making represents a form of art of its own kind, refreshed with a twist of flavours and harmonious taste. Combining the art of wine making with the art laid on the canvas, we have prepared for you a one-of-a-kind experience, which enables you to enjoy the craft of the winemaker while marvelling at the skill of the painter’s hand as displayed on the bottle label of this limited collection.

Combining the art of wine making with the art laid on the canvas, we have prepared for you a one-of-a-kind experience – the craft of the winemaker as perceived through the glass of wine and the skill of the painter’s hand as displayed on the bottle label of this collection.
Dedo (Slovak for Grandpa) represents a tribute to grandfather of VIAJUR winery Chief Technologist, Michal Rigáň. This wine combines the experience of the old generation of winemakers and the knowledge of the new advancing one as well as love of the winemaking craft, hard work and – last but not least – the nature.

16th century, around 1543

Šimon Cayro, an educated aristocrat from Bratislava becomes the first known owner of the manor. As a stranger, he probably bought it from a local noble or an elder townsman. In the same year, on 29th May, Cayro acquires another mansion house for his loyal services provided to count Ján Szalay, the royal administrator of the Bratislava county. This is the reason Šimon Cayro is now looking for a new buyer of his originally bought manor.

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