Wine has been maturing in historic cellars for centuries and continues to gain its taste in the same premises today.

We brought modern technologies and innovative procedures to the original Pálffy cellars from the time of Katarína Pálffy. Thanks to this, we are absolutely self-sufficient throughout the entire wine production process, from grape processing to bottling. In cellars with a total capacity of 200,000 litres, we combine traditional wine-making methods with modern approaches.

tankova pivnica

Tank cellar

The original cellar with preserved brick vaults is equipped with stainless steel vessels with duplicators with controlled fermentation temperature. All vessels are also equipped with their own nitrogen inerting system.

The cellar, in which wine has been produced since 1580, is currently equipped with controlled air circulation, ventilation and CO2 level control.

Sect cellar

The cellar, in which our sparkling wines produced by the traditional champagne method from A to Z are born, is equipped with everything from wine maturation cubicles through “pupitre” riddling rack to technologies for finalising sparkling wines.

In the current sparkling wine cellar, which is one of the oldest parts of the preserved original vaulted cellars, sects ripen from 12 months to several years.

pivnice kastiel svaty jur
barikova pivnica svaty jur

Barrel cellar

The cellar, which smells of wood, is equipped with barrels with typical volumes (225 l, 300 l and 500 l) as well as large capacity oak and acacia barrels with a volume of 1,500 l and 2,500 l. The cellar also includes a historical well, which has a fundamental impact on maintaining ideal humidity and temperature.

A modern element is a data projector with a presentation of the film The Four Seasons, which visitors can enjoy during guided wine tastings.

Experience Viajur

Know the VIAJUR winery through guided tours of vineyards associated with wine tasting.


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