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The wine-growing history of the royal town of Svätý Jur goes back far into the past.

After all, it is in the Small Carpathian region that vines have almost always been grown. We decided to return life to abandoned, but once very prosperous vineyards with great potential. The walls soaked in the aroma of wine for centuries were revealed to the VIAJUR winery by the Pálffy Manor and it is in its original cellars that the processing and production of our wines takes place. Currently, the sun-drenched vineyards with the silhouette of the Palffy Manor House in the background create an unrepeatable colouring and atmosphere of this magical place at the foot of the Small Carpathians.

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At VIAJUR, we honour all the traditions of viticulture and winemaking that are associated with Svätý Jur. That is why we continue to cultivate varieties typical of this region with respect.


We have combined new ideas and modern approaches with the spirit of the Pálffy Manor House wine cellars, where wine has been produced for centuries.

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Wine Tours

Get to know our work, our wine, our world. Choose from guided wine tastings that will take you to even the most secret corridors of historic cellars.


Accommodation at Pálffy Manor House reflects our commitment to bringing you the most intense experiences. Four apartments are furnished with attention to detail and originality.

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Treat your senses to pleasure in every bite, thanks to the unique combination of the tastes and aromas of our wines with the gastronomy of the Palffy Manor House.


Experience wine tours, Open Cellar Days or other events full of good wine and a unique atmosphere. Check out the events that await us in the near future.

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