On the right bank of the Hron river, gentle hills undulate and stand out from the Lower Hron flatlands, very much reminding of the character typical for the Tuscany’s world-known region of Chianti. The natural character of the country and the long lines of vineyards in the hilly terrain convey the admirable character of this winegrowing region. To experience the atmosphere of the place, to smell the delicate aroma of the blossoming lavender and fruit trees while savouring the delicious wine made from the local vineyard feels like a soothing refreshment appealing to all the senses as well as the soul.


The Nitra viticulture region belongs to the oldest existing ones in Slovakia. VIAJUR vineyards are located near the winegrowing municipality of Farná sitting on the right bank of the Hron river on the land that is a part of the Lower Hron flatlands. The vineyards are exposed on a south-western slope which enables perfect ripening of the grapes. The soil is known for a high proportion of clay and no skeleton. The limestone content gives the wine its mineral and genuine variety character. Our vineyards are found at one of the best locations offering highest quality conditions for growing vine. The influence of the terroir is significantly shaped by the aromatic profile and organic composition of the future wine. In terms of the particular varieties, we aim for a harmonious combination of the history and present. In our vineyards, we grow varieties which are historically known to have been grown in this location for many years and are perfectly adapted.


At our estate in Farná, we farm on approximately 40 hectares of land. Also here, the original vineyards were desolate and neglected. In 2017, we re-cultivated and planted the first 5 hectares of new vine. Simultaneously, we started deracination of the old abandoned vineyards on the lands belonging to the bishopric of Nitra. In 2019, these lands grew green again for the first time with newly planted vines on the surface taking approximately 18 hectares. In the upcoming years, we will plant yet another approx. 7 hectares of vine. The lands which are less suitable for viticulture are gradually being supplemented by recultivated fruit orchards. At the Farná estate, we also grow fresh vegetables for our restaurants, located in the heart of Tatranská Lomnica, in the eponymous Hotel Lomnica – Sissi restaurant and Franz Josef restaurant and wine cellar. We also ensure fresh supplies for another of our gastro outlets – Selaví restaurant in Bratislava. It is our aim to build a comprehensive viticulture-agritourism mixed scheme with leisure facilities. Moreover, visitors to our estate may encounter a genuine rarity: While relaxing in the country surrounded by vineyards, you may quietly watch the nesting of the European bee-eater, the European species of parrots.

Varieties in the vineyards

Terroir of the Farná estate is suitable for growing fully rounded as well as aromatic white wine grape varieties and with regards to the sufficient volume of sunlight, also for growing of blue varieties which are determined predominantly to produce red wines. Here, we should certainly mention Blaufränkisch, a variety typical for this location. This is exactly the variety that gives the area its typical, full and fruity wines. However, in this area, you will also find another typical variety of the local region, Welschriesling, which has been grown here for many years as well as Sauvignon Blanc adapted to local conditions. Limestone subsoil ensures high mineral content and freshness of the local wines. Thanks to favourable orientation of the slope and the subsoil, the locations is also suitable to grow Cabernet Sauvignon and the grapes grown here meet the highest quality standards. Besides the above-mentioned varieties, we also planted classical Burgundy varieties such as Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris as well as the more aromatic Gewürztraminer. This portfolio is then supplemented with blue varieties, such as Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, as well as one of the best-known Slovakia’s own newly cultivated unique variety called Dunaj.


Svätý Jur vineyards

Stories of the past combine with the present narratives in the Pálffy family manor to create a new path shaped by VIAJUR. However, this new path respects and preserves all the traditions of viticulture and wine making.

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