The Réva wine house

Tuscany in Slovakia?

The Réva wine house

Experience the flavours of Tuscany right here, at our home country. In southern Slovakia, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, there opens a horizon – at first perhaps quite inconspicuously – that can easily match the skyline we know from advertising images of sun-drenched Tuscany. In the village of Farná, the modern ViaJur winery has cultivated the vineyards into a form and appearance we don't typically see: Already from the main road, the sight of the Réva wine house simply captivates the eye as it perfectly fits into the setting and ambiance created by the undulating vineyards of this beautiful winery. The Réva [Slovak for ‘grapevine’] wine house offers a harmony of functional architecture blended with a relief that fits into the vineyards just like that missing piece of jigsaw puzzle to create a perfect scenery. In addition to a stylish wine shop, the Réva wine house also offers facilities for smaller parties, company meetings, celebrations or other special events throughout the whole year. The house will be the key feature in a concept offering tasting dinner experience under the auspices of a proven team of top chefs from Hotel Lomnica.

In addition to the one-of-a-kind experience bringing you the flavours of an exclusive culinary adventure, the Farná winery also offers a guided tour of the vineyards that involves a ride on stylish 4x4 electric golf carts.
The breath-taking undulating landscape also serves as an ideal setting for a special picnic. We can prepare a tailor-made breakfast for you, an unconventional lunch or even a romantic dinner at sunset – an unparalleled experience you simply won't forget. Among the specifics of the vineyards, there are also sand dunes – the remains of a prehistoric sea, which also serve as a home and sanctuary to a beautiful bird species, the European bee-eater. It is also the presence of this agreeable feathered creature that completes the local ambiance filled with easy-going and relaxing holiday atmosphere – something you will be hard-pressed to find in any conventional restaurant.

Among other features of this more than 40-hectare up-and-coming winery, whose grapes are processed in the Pálffy manor house using the technologically most advanced equipment of the Pálffy cellars, there is also a developing orchard. The original core of the orchard features old pear trees, among which the amazing variety of Durando pear has been preserved. Our exclusive line of Farná pear brandy is distilled exactly from these pears. Customers can already taste the first fruits of our labour prepared in cooperation with Chateau Selešťany, our exclusive partner.




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