Svätý Jur

The wine-related history of the town of Svätý Jur dates back to the period before the early 13th century. We have first written record of the town from 1209 which mentions that the local population makes a living from growing and making wine. Southern slopes of the Small Carpathians gently undulate towards the quaint wine-growing town. Vineyards stretch as far as the fortification wall and shape the exceptional character and atmosphere of Svätý Jur. The sunlit vineyards and the silhouette of the Pálffy family manor standing at the end of Prostredá street suggest that it is right here where history has found its continuity.


In the Small Carpathian viticulture region, wine has been grown within living memory. The southern slopes of the massif of Small Carpathians are predominantly made of volcanic rocks with major proportion of granite. The loam soil contains a relatively large part of the rocky skeleton. The local soil is seemingly poor in nutrients; however, it does provide ideal conditions for growing vine, which belongs among the most resilient plants and is able to transfer the characteristics of the subsoil to its fruit. The southern orientation of the vineyards ensures the grapes have enough sunlight  while the higher elevation of the terraces protects them from ground frost in spring. The terroir is mainly suitable for growing Riesling varieties, which are particularly mineral and typical for this viticulture area. Wines from this region are full, harmonious and mineral, possessing fresh acidity. Sunny slopes and warm soil have favourable impact on ripening of the grapes and its sugar content. The local microclimate in and around the Svätý Jur is also conducive to development of the so-called Zibeben grapes (grapes that dry directly on the vine).


In the cadastral area of Svätý Jur, we farm on a little less than 5 hectares of vineyards. At the very beginning, the vineyards were left  unattended and in desolate conditions, which made us decide to renew the vineyard from scratch. In 2019, we deracinated the original vines and started to prepare the soil for new planting. In 2021, we will be planting in our own vineyards the varieties typical for the location, in particular Rhine Riesling, Welschriesling, and Green Veltliner. However, in the town of Svätý Jur, we also cooperate with other excellent wine growers. Our Müller Thurgau comes directly from the Pálffy family vineyards, which are located very close to the manor itself, while the Rieslings originate on the sunny terraces overlooking the town.

Farná vineyards

Sunlit valleys, endless green lines of vine that stretch under the limitless blue sky. The sun, charming country and heavy bunches of grapes are a true solace for the soul for the grower or anyone else for that matter.

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