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For the King and Country

For the King and Country

Pro rege et patria – Latin phrase meaning For the King and Country, the motto that accompanied the Pálffy family. Today, this motto is featured in the logo of VIAJUR together with the lime-tree growing at the courtyards of the Pálffy family manor in Svätý Jur. Wine growing and winemaking in Small Carpathians represents an integral part of the history of the Pálffy family. VIAJUR winery follows in this story.

Winemakers and wine

Vineyards and wine combine into a single harmonious whole to which our team of winegrowers and winemakers dedicated their lives. At the same time, it’s the people who give the grapes and the wine its unique characteristic and atmosphere. This ensures the quality of the wine grown in our vineyards and maturing in our cellars – all of this with love and respect to the age-old traditions. Within living memory, the authentic roots of viticulture and winemaking in the town of Svätý Jur have been protected by the seasoned local growers, for whom the craft of growing and making wine has always represented a true mission. These same people who responsibly preserve the traditions to reap benefits of their ancestors’ long-standing experience are now setting on the new path led by VIAJUR.

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16th century, around 1543

Šimon Cayro, an educated aristocrat from Bratislava becomes the first known owner of the manor. As a stranger, he probably bought it from a local noble or an elder townsman. In the same year, on 29th May, Cayro acquires another mansion house for his loyal services provided to count Ján Szalay, the royal administrator of the Bratislava county. This is the reason Šimon Cayro is now looking for a new buyer of his originally bought manor.

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