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VIAJUR, the wine growing, and winemaking enterprise follows in the tradition of the exceptional historical narration, in which the Pálffy family manor in the town of Svätý Jur plays an important role. It was exactly in this noble location, where wine growers and wine makers have been producing wine since as early as the 15th century and it naturally comes as one of our main priorities to follow in the centuries-old tradition and heritage contained in this story.

VIAJUR winemaking enterprise farms and grows grapes in two estates – Svätý Jur and Farná. The year-round hard work of our winegrowers ensures abundancy of high-quality raw material for our winemaking branch to produce outstanding wines. All the estates have their own characteristic terroir reflected in our wines.

The actual winemaking facility is located in the historical cellars of the Pálffy manor. And although we follow in the viticulture traditions and heritage, we deploy state-of-the-art technology in processing of grapes while preserving the well-established methods of winemaking tested by time. We treat the grapes – the product of winegrowers’ hard labour – with the respect they deserve. Using gentle processing methods, we attempt to transfer all the sunlight, terroir as well as the most natural flavours from the grapes directly into the wine.


The historical vaulted cellars are located under the whole building of the manor. Knowledge, experience and skilled craft of the old masters at which we can still marvel up to this day ensure a stable microclimate in the cellars also at present.
These characteristics predestined the cellars for winemaking and storage already in distant past. The key attributes of the local microclimate include constant temperature and humidity throughout the year. Naturally, today we also apply modern wine production technology combined with the traditional maturing procedures. The microclimate of the historical cellars and, no doubt, also the  genius loci of the Pálffy family manor itself give our wine a one-of-a-kind bouquet.


In VIAJUR, we not only follow in the winemaking history of the Pálffy family manor, the traditional procedures in winemaking and maturing, but at the same time we stick to the established conventions in growing grapes on our estates. With pride, we respect all their historical and regional characteristics. The viticulture team of VIAJUR focuses on growing the varieties which have been established in the region for several centuries already. This orientation also impacts the overall direction of our wine production. In our cellars, you will therefore find wines tightly linked to the regions where our estates are located, such as Rhine Riesling and Welschriesling made in Svätý Jur as well as Müller Thurgau from the Pálffy-family vineyards. Dedo (Grandpa in English) is another unforgettable wine, a cuvée based on Pinot blanc coming from the vineyards of the grandfather of our chief technologist, Michal Rigán. The sun and the typical south-Slovakian terroir left their unmistakable trace in the taste of the rosé Cabernet Sauvignon, which belongs to the best Slovak rosé wines. This product line is further supplemented with red varieties, which mature in wooden barrels for several months before they are bottled. The reds are also dominated by the varieties typical for the local region – Blaufränkisch and the Slovakia’s own variety Dunaj. The portfolio of reds is enriched with cabernet varieties.

Our winemakers bring you wines that are fresh, rich in fruity flavours as well as fully rounded, juicy and offer high potential for aging in bottles. Especially the reds need some time to age but also in some selected whites, the right bouquet only comes after some aging. Just like in the past, when the most exquisite wines made it to the tables of the kings, also today we are committed to the uphold the mottos Pro rege et patria or Ars in vino, vinum in arte and we therefore intend to only bring you the best-quality wines.

Svätý Jur vineyards

Stories of the past combine with the present narratives in the Pálffy family manor to create a new path shaped by VIAJUR. However, this new path respects and preserves all the traditions of viticulture and wine making.

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Farná vineyards

Sunlit valleys, endless green lines of vine that stretch under the limitless blue sky. The sun, charming country and heavy bunches of grapes are a true solace for the soul for the grower or anyone else for that matter

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